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Olympic Weightlifting

Oct 07, 2022

One of the services we offer at Re-Gen is professional instruction on how to properly perform Olympic Lifts. Olympic lifts include the “snatch”, “clean”, and “jerk”, and are the most effective lifts for improving strength, power, and sports performance. They are essential to know for any competitive athlete. However, they also carry a high risk for injury if not performed correctly. They are taught in practically every high school and  college athletic program, and in many fitness centers, although often incorrectly. Here, all our trainers are certified by the USA Weightlifting Olympic Committee to teach Olympic weightlifting, and they have experience training professional, collegiate, and high school athletes in these lifts. Steven has also personally coached Olympic athletes at regional and national competitions. These lifts are often taught incorrectly, with dire short- and long-term consequences to orthopedic health. Their proper instruction and technique are critical for safe athletic performance and allow for elite sports performance with a low risk of injury. Supplementary lifts like the squat, front squat and deadlift are also instructed at Re-Gen, providing the foundation for elite sports performance, while also improving long-term posture, mobility and health. 


Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting:

Improved Sports Performance

Olympic lifts require an athlete to exert a force into the ground through a quick and coordinated “triple extension” of the ankle, knee, and hip. Olympic lifts are the most effective power-developing exercise and have the highest carryover to directly improving sport performance in sports where strength, power, and speed are essential. 


Enhanced Coordination 

Olympic lifts are full-body movements requiring precise coordination, rhythm, and timing. Improved spatial awareness, agility, and coordination are vital for sport performance and physical fitness.


Protects Against Injury

Olympic lifts are full-body movements that target the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles and promote flexibility and stability across all the joints. They are extremely effective at preparing the body for the high forces encountered in sport and help to develop the strength, speed, and power necessary to perform the sport at an elite level. Improving this flexibility, strength, and stability can greatly reduce susceptibility to injury.


Improves Fitness and Health

Olympic lifts produce large forces throughout the entire body, and require a great amount of strength, speed, coordination, and flexibility. There are no better lifts to improve these aspects of fitness. They also have a tremendous effect on health, including improvements in hearth and blood vessel health, bone and muscle density, cholesterol and body fat, and hormone production. 

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