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Our Healthy Aging Blend

Jan 04, 2023

At Re-Gen, we offer supplements that are made in house with high quality vitamins and nutrients. One of the most effective supplements we offer is our Healthy Aging Blend. This supplement blend focuses on addressing the four main consequences of aging: 

-       Cardiovascular disease

-       Arthritis/osteoporosis 

-       Immune system decline

-       Vision loss


These are common issues associated with aging that many think they just have to deal with. Fortunately, however, there are supplements that help reduce these effects and can improve your health and quality of life!


The individual components of our health aging blend are:


Beta Carotene                                               Vitamin D3

- Vision/eye health                                          - Healthy muscles, joints, and bones

- Immune system health                                 - Immune system health

- Healthy skin                                                  - Brain health

- Anti-inflammatory                                         - Healthy skin


Flaxseed Oil                                                  CoQ10

- Heart health                                                  - Anti-inflammatory

- Lowers cholesterol                                       - Heart health

- Lowers blood sugar                                      - Cell health

- Lowers blood pressure                                 - Brain health


If you’re experiencing any of these health concerns, come into Re-Gen to learn more about how the Healthy Aging Blend and our other supplements may be able to help you!

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