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The Road from MERC to Re-Gen

Aug 13, 2021

             My knowledge of fitness and recovery comes from both my academic background and from my time working for Doug Anders, first at Cybotic Health Technologies and then at Activity MD, both of which were medically-oriented fitness centers in Omaha. In 2016, I joined Doug as a partner, and we created Metabolic Engineering and Recovery Center (MERC), a fitness and recovery center which combined numerous health professionals and the latest research in order to improve our clients' health. Here, we designed structured exercise programs to help reduce pain and improve mobility and utilized recovery services to remove inflammation, improve cell and DNA health and reduce the symptoms of many disease states, including the natural aging process. Through these fitness programs, many clients were able to avoid cortisone shots, joint replacements, and surgeries, while others utilized us for long-term recovery from these operations. Additionally, many individuals with poor balance and coordination had significant improvements in their mobility, including those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurological and neuromuscular disorders. Fitness isn’t always enough, however, especially for individuals as they age or experience disease. Age, diet, and lifestyle can all lead to chronic inflammation, which in turn leads to poor health and contributes to many diseases. For this reason, we utilized several recovery services designed to eliminate inflammation, improve cell function, protect DNA integrity, and enhance overall health. Using these fitness and recovery programs, many MERC clients were offered a better quality of life and the ability to participate in the activities they loved for longer. 

              Doug was incredibly smart in the field of health science, but he began making a series of unethical decisions, which forced me to resign from MERC just a few years after joining as a partner. These decisions ultimately led to Doug no longer being able to operate a health clinic and the closing of MERC. Now, I have returned to the same facility that MERC used to operate out of, but I have opened Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery in its place. Utilizing much of the old equipment, I brought in a renewed energy, and work ethic, along with some new equipment and knowledge. Using my education and experience, I have created fitness and recovery programs for various populations, including youth, the elderly, athletes, and individuals with varying medical conditions, all of which has drastically transformed the health and longevity of my clients. Your cells age just like you do, and eventually the cells and their DNA are damaged, resulting in a multitude of health issues. However, the age of your cells can be reversed, leading to a longer, healthier, and more active life. Come in today to regenerate your younger self!

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