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  • Just off of South 96th and L Street in Omaha NE


Membership Options

Fitness                           [$150/month]

-       Initial fitness consultation w/ regular follow-ups

-       Custom exercise programs with fully supervised workouts

Recovery                        [$250/month]

-       2 one-hour recovery sessions per week

-       Includes cold, heat and hyperbaric oxygen therapies

Fitness & Recovery       [$350/month]

-       Ideal for optimal health

-       Less than $18 a session!

Additional Services

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy      [+ $50/month to recovery memberships]

-       Numerous improvements to brain function, mobility, and pain

Comprehensive Health Exam                     [$100/month]

-       In-depth evaluation of physiological and biomechanical health

Custom Orthotics                                         [$200]

-       Improves walking biomechanics and reduces joint pain

Proprietary Nutritional Supplements        [varies]

-       Natural supplements designed to improve heart and cell health, enhance muscle recovery, and improve energy