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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are an essential part of your overall health. A chiropractic adjustment is when a chiropractor uses their hands or instruments to ensure that your joints are aligned. Chiropractic adjustments increase an individual’s mobility and range of motion and reduce joint pain and stiffness.

The Importance of Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Regular chiropractic adjustments do not just treat neck or back pain. Instead, they treat a myriad of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. They may even help treat certain neurological disorders. Since the spine and the nervous system are connected, regular chiropractic adjustments serve as an all-natural, preventative health measure.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments help treat and improve many conditions. In addition to helping muscle and joint pain, chiropractic adjustments may also help neurological conditions. They can help also help reinforce blood flow to the brain and limbs.

  1. Less Inflammation and Pain - Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. For example, when there are joint misalignments, there is often tension and inflammation in the body. This can contribute to pain and lack of mobility.
  2. Improved Posture and Mobility - Poor posture can lead to joint pain and poor coordination. Chiropractic adjustments work to align your body’s core and improve your posture, balance, and mobility.
  3. Reduced Chance of Injury - When your mobility and range of motion are restricted, there is a greater chance for injury. For example, a tight spine may limit other areas of the body, making it hard to perform specific movements safely. When movement is restricted, it is easy to put undue stress on a joint and damage it or the muscles around it. Chiropractic adjustments can help loosen muscles and joints and reduce this risk. 
  4. Enhanced Athletic Performance - Since regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce pain and inflammation while increasing an individual’s range of motion, they can improve athletic performance. Having greater mobility and reduced joint stiffness will translate to a greater ability to perform physical activities.
  5. Optimal Nerve Functioning - Chiropractic adjustments can improve nerve functioning, such as in patients with sciatica. Sciatica is a painful condition due to the compression of or damage to the sciatic nerve. It often causes pain that begins at the lower back and goes down the legs. Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve pressure on the nerves, leading to improved nerve function.

Chiropractic Adjustments at Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery

Chiropractic adjustments have many health benefits and can enhance overall wellness and physical function. The spine and nervous system are intricately connected. Bones can often get misaligned, interfering with everyday movements and causing pain and discomfort. At Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery, we combine routine chiropractic adjustments with custom exercise programs to assure that the body is in the best possible position to strengthen the muscles equally. Exercise also strengthens your bones and improves the flexibility of your joints. We strive to ensure that this is done when the body is properly aligned. If you are interested in chiropractic adjustments at Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery, contact us or give our office a call today at (402) 660-9462, and we will be happy to help you!